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Dec 9, 2012 9:00am EST
, in california and i think the court will be modest and cautious. i think the court has learned, especially the justice john roberts court, is weary of doing what the court dade in roe vs. wade in 1973 and i don't think they will throw out arrangements in 30 states and 40 states, and they will resolve, i suspect the defense of marriage act case narrowly, only one section is actually an issue, section 3, in california they'll make a decision that might uphold the appellate court and keep it limited to california and i believe the court doesn't want to be, you know, overturning arrangements, throughout the country, something so delicate as this. they learned the lesson that that is not the right role for the supreme court. >> chris: let's talk about that. a lot of people make the comparison, to 1973. roe vs. wade. because, what is so interesting is that, public attitudes on same sex marriage changed dramatically. let's put up the map. 37 states, either by law or in their excuses, now ban same sex marriages, but, they are legal in 9 states, as well as the nation's capitol, washington, d.c. and
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Dec 9, 2012 11:00am PST
would expect them to do something more narrow, maybe like the appeals court did in california. the lower court found it was a constitutional right and appeals court said no, you can't take rights away. >> chris: basically what you're saying is if they sided with what the circuit court did in california they would say in california, it's legal, but it's not legal in any other state. this doesn't apply. >> right, they're not ruling the which -- if they ruled the way the lower court ruled, saying it's a violation much the equal protection clause, i believe that's true. i don't think the court will step out on on that issue. >> what's the possibility the court says look, congress has a law that says the federal government is keep benefits from -- in a state where -- that's banned same-sex marriage and keep partners in this case from getting an inheritance or for instance say look, you had prop 8 in california. people voted. what are the chances of going the other way and being broad ruling against it. >> they could do that. they could have a clear ruling. the complex -- there may be a muddle
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Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm PST
? >> he took on the entrenched party system in california and got his butt kicked. >> he got terminated. >> they killed him. >> i don't think arnold knew what he was getting into. >> i think he tried. >> i disagree. i have never met a person who was less good at bringing -- or better at bringing it together than arnold. >> he left office with a 25 percent ail provl rate. it was just you guys that liked him. you and your pals out there, lowe. >> it's a very divisive state. if you are a centrist in california you get run over. >> that's for sure. you have got to change that. >> in the center is where we should be. all of us agree on a lot. >> have you become more conservative as you have gotten older? >> without a doubt. i am a centrist. my son studying politics in high school had me take an on-line complicated poll. you couldn't have put me more in the middle than where i ended up. >> do these pin heads in hollywood, could they care about the country's shape right now? are they aware of the changes? >> i think a lot of people in hollywood might care a little bit too much and involve them
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Dec 3, 2012 1:00am PST
at the idea, and it is illegal in some places like california and illinois. conventional wisdom says it is not right to eat a zebra or a water buffalo or a horse. so how many of you are repulsed or bothered by the idea and would not do our taste test? a few of you. okay. it is just wrong. well, that is bought, says the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. beavercreek is a resort where guests pay to have zebra, water buffalo, and this cute animal. they eat what they kill command they eat it after it has been cut by the chef. so at their ranch people come for this. they are not squeamish. >> right. fourteen different varieties of animals. pick out which one you want to hunt for. the harvest the animal, bring it back and cook it. john: people say it tastes good. >> and it's better for you because it is leaner. i have been a chef for years. it beef from the grocery store verses cooking as zebra, if you cook it and put it on the grill there is so much more fat. it's a lot more lane. you have to do more to it, baby it, tenderize it. john: lean means tough. >> but if you add fat to it, good
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Dec 16, 2012 11:00am PST
as safe as it should be. what more can be done? joining me now from calabasas, california, is ronald stevens, director of the national school safety center. sheand hook elementary school had recently installed a new security system. the doors were locked at 9:30. you had to be buzzed in. to get into the school. but police say the shooter forced his way in so i guess the question is, what more can a school do? >> it's a tremendous challenge for school officials because school campuses are not designed to be fortresses to be defended. they are places of learning. so, the expectation for schools is that they would take reasonable steps and when we look at the compassion and care and sacrifice of the administrators and teachers, that's probably one of the most significant factors but buns again if you have an armed getting on to the campus they will use use whatever means necessary. not uncommon situation where they defeat some the best systems that are in place. >> chris: i was fascinated, mr. stevens, by how much security and i didn't realize this a lot of our public schools already ha
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Dec 16, 2012 3:00pm PST
california, mourners there holding a prayer service to remember the innocent lives lost and their families now dealing with the tragedy. >> the other administrators who went towards him and tried to protect the kids, that just gets me, catches me. >> i woke up at like 1:30 this morning with a piece of scripture going through my head from jeremiah, and rachel weeping and winner with her no more and i woke up crying and couldn't stop crying and thought you know, other people need to cry, too. >> our panel is back with us now. you know, we've talked a little about the policies surrounding all of this, but you know, dealing with it, charles, has been frankly tough for a lot of people. >> well, it's very hard. we have the mass media and ever since the kennedy assassination when these things happen we become a community. that was the really the first time we nationally mourned and it's very difficult to do. i think when we talk about it happening at the community level, at the family level, there are these mental health experts who go in and they counsel and i think they do an extraordinary job.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)